p15704551-Day Course–Bench Planes and Handsaws

First of all, most woodworkers are less used to working with bench planes and the saws than in the past. Without the right instruction and guidance these tools create more problems than they are designed to resolve. I have successfully trained thousands of woodworkers to become competent in the use of planes and saws. This includes how to sharpen, set and maintain them for daily use.


Bench Plane Workshop

This course provides the information you need to understand how bench planes work. Therefore, it covers the full range of Bailey-pattern planes regardless of the various manufacturers. We also discuss wooden planes too. We show you how to dismantle and reassemble the Bailey-pattern range of planes and how sharpen and maintain them for a lifetime of use. Having used most types of bench plane through five decades, demystifying them remains unchanged. The workshop comprises a series of proven demonstrations and lectures combined with hands-on exercises and practice lessons at the bench. You will be amazed at the levels of sharpness you will achieve and the results you can get with bench planes.



In my 50 years of woodworking I rarely meet woodworkers who know how to sharpen their saws yet the task is both simple and efficient. Few people around the world know how to sharpen saws effectively yet it is the essential task every hand tool woodworker must be able to do. This course is designed to train you in the art of saw sharpening and saw setting. The course also includes choosing and using handsaws.


Bringing your saw and plane

You are welcome to bring your own plane and saw to the workshop course for critiquing. Unfortunately we cannot offer restoration for each individual student as restoration needs cannot be assessed beforehand. If the tools are rust free and degreased it may be possible to sharpen and set them.p1570557


Equipping you

The course fee is £130 and it includes two triangular saw files and a 10” flat file to take home with you. 

Subsequent to the initialising of these two tool types we will demonstrate how to get the best results. We discuss the expectations you will face after the course in your home workshops and provide a Q&A fact sheet for you to take with you that will reinforce what you have learned throughout the workshop.

Furthermore there will be time allowed during the workshop for questions.



We do not have any 1-Day Saw and Plane Workshop scheduled for 2017. If this will change, we will update the page accordingly.