Paul Sellers describes himself as a lifelong amateur woodworker, his insistence on amateur status comes from the fact that whether he got paid or not, he always worked wood.

Paul has worked with wood nearly every day for over 50 years, his first day’s work began in a small joiner’s workshop in Stockport, England in 1965. No masterpieces ever emerged from that workshop, but it was there that his lifelong work with wood began. It was in this workshop that he learned woodworking techniques that he still uses to this day. In the beginning, no one knew of him, but now his work and designs furnish the homes of President Bush and Senator Gramm. Two of his pieces grace the Cabinet Room of the White House as part of the White House Permanent Collection there.

Paul started teaching and apprenticing woodworkers in hand tool woodworking in 1988 and developed his own foundational training program over the following decades. His Foundation Course has trained over 5,000 students the fundamentals of working wood.

In 2012, Paul and the team launched Woodworking Masterclasses, a site where project episodes are released on a weekly basis. In 2017 Paul hit a milestone of 250,000 subscribers to his Youtube channel. Paul wants to encourage people who have a passion for woodworking, but have no experience, to give it a go. He started Common Woodworking, a site for beginner woodworkers, to provide basic tool guides and courses which would help beginners to start their woodworking journey.

To read more about Paul, you can visit his biography here or read his blog here.