Please note: Paul has decided to take a break from teaching and focus his time on his other projects. We will not be scheduling any classes for 2021, to see the other projects he is involved in, click here.


  • The 1 day course focused on saws and planes, setting them up and sharpening them ready for use.

You can find more information on these tools in our beginner friendly Tool guides on Common Woodworking. You can also follow our free ‘Bench Plane Setup‘ exercise.

  • The 2 day ‘discover woodworking’ course covered all 3 main joints including dovetail, mortise and tenon, and housing dado.

You can find beginner friendly online courses of the three main joints here.

  • The 6 day course included all the basics, making a dovetail box, making a wall clock and a dovetail template.

Follow our free online course on How to Make a Dovetail Box, How to Make a Wall Clock and How to Make a Dovetail Template.

  • The 9 day foundation course covered the basics, the 3 main joints, and also 3 projects which incorporated these skills including a dovetail box, a shelf and a side table.

You can find the additional courses for the Hanging Wall Shelf and Side Table here.