6-Day Woodworking Course

We provide this workshop as a compressed version of the nine-day workshop.

Making a Dovetailed Box

 By developing the Shaker candle box, students gain the experience to develop their dovetailing techniques which can then be used for all types of box making including drawers, chests and cabinets of different types. Included in the construction of this project are stock preparation for layout, joint layout, dovetail joinery, how to install recessed hinges, developing round overs.

Making a Dovetail Template

When Paul began his woodworking career he was given a dovetail template to make by his craftsman mentor. He has used the same template for over 50 years and has found no other to replace it. The template comprises both the angled guide for dovetail layout and also a square for establishing the adjoining square lines. Just as the project became integral to his training, Paul includes this as a bonus project in training students who choose to train under him, thus perpetuating the tradition of “passing it on.”

Making a Wall Clock

We designed this oak wall clock to help students develop their first heirloom-quality woodworking project. Using hand tools, we show that skilled and creative work is within reach for everyone. The methods and techniques taught can be used to develop a wide range of other woodworking projects and form the basis for the development of foundational woodworking skills. From material preparation to  joinery layout, Paul has included mortise and tenon joinery (2 types) and the housing dado joint (2 types). The various details created as decorative features ensure that students fully understand many of the core elements required to develop fine woodworking and quality furniture while at the same time the essentiality of working with sharp tools to establish accuracy.



Interspersed throughout this course are lectures and demonstrations around the workbench. Here, Paul seeks to ensure that each students learns what it takes to create the pristine cutting edges they will rely on in creating top-notch woodworking. You will learn from an internationally acclaimed expert in the art of fine woodworking and furniture making. Paul is acknowledged for his ability to teach and train woodworkers of every skill level. His experience comes from a lifetime background of full time furniture making and teaching.


The cost of the course is 900.00 GBP which includes materials. However, food and accommodation are not included.

This class took place between 24-29 April 2017 in our workshop located at Sylva Foundation, Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire.