Courses Syllabus

2 Day Discover Woodworking Course

During this course you will be moving on a regular basis from Paul’s own workbench to view techniques and your own workbench where you will carry out the practice.

Day 1 will start with a workshop introduction and orientation, it will then cover topics such as:

  • Sharpening chisels
  • Planecraft, including
  • Housing dadoes

During day 2 you will look at dovetail joint  and in particular:

  • Single and double dovetail, and  double dovetail with backer piece, plus
  • Mortises and tenons


9 Day Foundation Course

During this intensive Woodworking course, taught by Paul Sellers, you will cover a range of topics, working towards producing 3 pieces of work you can take home.

Topics covered include:

The basics

  • Sharpening
  • Planecraftat
  • Using the saw

The projects

  • Dovetail boxes including dovetail joint, roundovers and hinge setting
  • Shelf including mortises, tenons and shaping the arches
  • Side Table including leg layout and mortise cutting, edge jointing and  tabletop production.

The selection of projects carried out during this course is aimed to build on on the knowledge learnt on the previous project.

The following is our internal schedule. Things don’t always work out exactly as follows but it is a useful guide for potential students to see what we plan to cover.

Day 1

Introduction and orientation



Planing four-square 

Using the saw 

Practicing angled cutting

Getting started with dovetails

Cutting four dovetail corners 


Day 2

Cutting double dovetails

Dovetail box layout

Dovetailing boxes

Gluing up 


Day 3

Glue up and planing


Hinge layout & recessing hinges

Set hinges

Fit lid and bottom & glue bottom


Day 4

Housing dadoes 

Through housing dadoes

Stopped and stepped housing dado 

Shelf layout 

Start shelves

Fitting the shelves

Cut the dadoes and fit the shelves

Day 5

Mortise the shelf sides

Laying out and cutting the tenons 


Day 6

Shaping the arches

Shape the through tenons

Prepare and glue up

Side Table

Leg layout and mortise cutting

Day 7

Layout, making and fitting tenons

Cut and fit tenons

Day 8

Edge jointing 

Edge joint tabletop

Layout and cut arch in apron


Day 9

Layout and shape legs

Shape legs

Plane and scrape tabletop 

Make turnbuttons