Our Mission

DSC_0009Driven by a passion for excellence, New Legacy’s mission is to train a new generation of woodworkers. This generation will develop the true skills passed down through the generations. Today, many woodworkers find themselves in search of bona fide craft training under master woodworkers with a view to become skilled woodworkers themselves. Though the basis for establishing craft skills differs greatly from those typically entering traditional apprenticeships, the actual goals remain objectively the same. It’s both refreshing and dynamic to see this present generation carry on the different woodworking trades. Full- or part-time practicing artisans work in support of furniture making, boat building, wood turning, guitar and violin making etc.

DSC_0117Because craft training no longer exists in the fulness it once did, apprenticeship is no longer an option for the emerging artisan. We at New Legacy have made it our mission to retroactively tackle the growing demand for hands-on relational learning to help others discover the rewards of true hand work. Through a unique and progressive program designed by Paul Sellers to train modern-day woodworkers we offer various modules designed to develop practical foundational and intermediate level woodworking craft skills.


Beginning with the fundamentals of tool sharpening and project layout, we work through projects to develop a series of projects. Our unique relational approach ensures that students quickly master essential skills and develop true competency.  Our uncompromising teaching methods ensure that every student gains a working knowledge of their craft. Soon they find new levels of confidence. Because our courses are repeated throughout the year, students can arrange more advanced-level workshops to suit their personal schedules. In just a matter of weeks and months, after mastering many complex aspects of their craft, students become competent artisans in their own right.


Free woodworking classes

For most of my woodworking classes I allocate a number of free bench spaces alongside paying attendees. These benches are who those who want to progress their woodworking skills but finances prevents them. If you feel you qualify for a space in an upcoming workshop you can apply for a course. Here is the link to an application form. The details of all applicants remains private between the woodworking school and the individual applying. Additional costs such as travel and accommodations are not covered.